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Fullstack Academy is the premier software development school located in New York City and Chicago. Y Combinator-backed, our school has garnered the attention of Forbes, TechCrunch, and Business Insider, among others. The reputation of our school is built on the professional success of each and every one of our students. Students have gone on to promising careers at top-tier companies, like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Spotify. In January 2016, we created the Grace Hopper Program, a need-blind software engineering program for women. In 2017, we launched Web Development Fellowship @ Fullstack Academy in partnership with NYC Tech Talent Pipeline, to offer a tuition-free version of our flagship Web Development Immersive to eligible New Yorkers.

"Fullstack Academy has been a life-changing experience" is something we hear often and the reason why we come to work everyday. We’re looking for a Part-time Instructor to help people begin their coding careers get them excited about Fullstack’s program.


As a Part-time Instructor at Fullstack Academy, you will be delivering our Bootcamp Prep course. You will help students with minimal coding experience begin the journey of becoming a software developer by covering key introductory topics. You’ll deliver lectures and help students with coding challenges aimed at giving them the skills they need to successfully pass through a competitive bootcamp admissions process. You’ll engage students, getting them excited about careers in software development and Fullstack Academy as a coding bootcamp.

This program runs Monday through Thursday, from 6:45 to 9:45pm out of our Chicago Campus space in 1871, Chicago’s premier technology co-working space. This is a contract role and we're looking for a commitment of at least 2 nights per week.


In this role, you will:

  • Teach introductory-through-intermediate coding principles and the fundamentals of Javascript to students new to coding, through lectures and helping students with coding challenges, covering (for example):
    • Introductory topics such as data types, flow control, iteration, and built-in string/array methods
    • Advanced topics such as 'recursion', 'higher order functions'. and 'pass by value vs pass by reference'
  • Understand and explain to students how the skills they’re developing will directly apply to the bootcamp admissions process, a bootcamp program, and their potential career as a software developer
  • Excite and motivate a group of interested students to become the next generation of software developers


You are a great candidate if you have:

  • 1+ year(s) of professional software development experience
  • A strong command of the fundamentals of coding and Javascript fundamentals
  • The ability to commit to at least 2 nights/week from 6:45-9:45pm in Downtown Chicago
  • An energetic and engaging presentation style
  • Enthusiasm and excitement about helping people enter the tech industry

You are an exceptional candidate if you have:

  • Experience teaching or mentoring, or experience in a management role as a software developer
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